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Being diagnosed with a life-threating or chronic illness is a traumatic experience for a child as well as for parents and siblings.  Treatments to fight diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, sickle cell, renal disease, hemophilia and immunologic disease can contribute to psychological and physical issues for children who fight a daily battle against disease as well as for survivors of disease and family members.

If your child is diagnosed with a life-threatening or critical illness and they, or family members, are experiencing one or more of these issues, please contact us to learn more:

Fear Memory Loss
Anxiety Inability to Concentrate
Anger Poor or Declining School Grades
Physical or Emotional Overreactions Depression
Behavior Changes Irritability

Please call NCCF at 702.735.8434 to find out more about the implications of living with a childhood chronic illness and how we may help.

Camp Cartwheel – This overnight and medically supervised summer
camp has become one of the largest camps in the western United
States and offers five days of outdoor activities at no cost to critically
ill children and their siblings ages 5 to 17.

SEEK Teen Retreat – The teen retreat is an annual event which
creates an environment for self-reflection, personal growth, team
building, and enhances self-esteem for teen patients and their siblings.

Danny Gans Memorial Champions Run for Life – This annual event
gives the community, friends and family the opportunity to individually
honor and recognize courageous children who fight illnesses daily and
those who have won their battle against disease.

Bravery Heart Profiles of Courage Beads – The program provides
specially designed beads, representing a variety of procedures, to
document a child’s journey as they fight a daily battle against disease.
What quickly becomes a heavily beaded necklace is worn as a
“badge of courage”.

Flashes of Hope – Professional photographers and make-up artists
photograph critically ill children during their hospital stay and while in
treatment. These photos chronicle the child’s experience during their
fight with beautifully framed photos presented to the family.

Brett Torino Foundation Education Services – Named after its
donor, this program gives children the opportunity a program, that
gives children the opportunity to continue their education while in
treatment and recovery and includes direct, bedside, and classroom
instruction by the NCCF full time teacher. In addition, the program
named for its donor, offers educational assessment to identify areas
of need and advocacy to provide support and facilitate school
• Lean on Me: Kidz Supporting Kidz – Shane and Valerie, our
large puppets mastered by volunteers, visit area schools educating
classmates and teachers regarding the challenges of a life
threatening or chronic illness that their ill classmate faces each day.
• Back to School In Style – School supplies, new school clothes,
and a special lunch highlight the first day back in the classroom
after missing 30 days or more of school due to illness.
• Tutoring – Private and group tutoring is provided for all ill
children and their siblings who need extra help with school work
due to diagnosis and its ramifications.
• Brett Torino Foundation Classroom– NCCF created the first inpatient
classroom in the state of Nevada. Facilitated and operated
by NCCF, the in-patient classroom is located at Sunrise Children’s
Hospital Pediatric Oncology Unit and provides children, grades
kindergarten through 12th, with direct instruction from an NCCF
teacher in a classroom setting. NCCF also provides education
services at other area hospitals.
• C.A.P.S. Ceremony – The Annual C.A.P.S. Ceremony celebrates
students who have shown Courage, Achievement, Perseverance,
and Success in education. This memorable event includes a
presentation of honors and awards highlighting special
achievements as well as a celebration with students, families,
teachers, tutors and participants.

Jim Bell Transportation Program – NCCF provides support for
patient transportation to and from doctor appointments, treatments,
and hospital visits. These services are based upon need after review
by a patient service professional.

Counseling – Counseling services are provided by licensed therapists
to all children, siblings and family members. These services include
individual, family and group interventions.

Bone Marrow Drive – NCCF coordinates and facilitates bone marrow
drives at various local locations each year matching local donors with
local children in need of bone marrow transplants.
Engelstad Family Foundation Gifting Program – Based upon
review, emergency funding is provided to families, in financial crisis
due to diagnosis, needing support for housing, utility payments,
transportation, food, and basic living essentials.

SEEK Teen Group – Led by a licensed MSW, this group meeting
facilitates social support, communication and other social skills and
aims to reduce isolation for teens and siblings ages 13-18 that have
been diagnosed with critical illness.

Sickle Cell and Patient/Sibling Workshops – Childhood illness
impacts every family member, therefore, workshops are held each
month, and are overseen by a licensed professional. Each group
consists of discussions and activities and provides emotional support
and teaches expression in a positive manner.

Family Food Pantry – The shelves of this room are stocked with
donated groceries and day to day basic living needs and toiletries for
families in financial crisis who need immediate support. Families in
need will be invited to shop “at no cost” take home non-perishable
food items and more. NCCF accepts non-perishable donations year

Giving Space – The Giving Space is a favorite of every pediatric
patient and their siblings. With each visit by a patient to NCCF,
comes a visit to The Giving Space filled with school supplies, new
toys, hats, blankets, books, arts & craft items, nail polish and make up
for teens and more.

Holiday Adopt-A-Family – Each year, NCCF identifies families in
need during the holiday season. NCCF provides a structured way for
individuals, companies, and businesses to purchase and donate gifts
to a family with an ill child. Donors may stay anonymous or be active
in delivering gifts to families.

The Caring Place – NCCF’s adult services program offering healing
arts and wellness services to adults touched by cancer also provides
special classes such as yoga, reflexology, and more for critically ill
children and their caregivers.

Mom’s Day Out & Dad’s Day Off – Parents who need a little extra
tender loving care are invited for an exclusive day out which includes
pampering, meals, and plenty of surprises along the way including
limousine transportation and gift bags for those who participate.