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Classroom Hours:
The Brett Torino Classroom (named for its donor) at Sunrise Children’s Hospital is open every day, Monday – Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Classroom Staff: Lydia Adame M.Ed, Director of Education, may be contacted at the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation by calling 702.735.8434.

In 2008, NCCF began the In-Patient Education Services program, which includes a school room and continued education for children that suffer from life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, sickle cell, HIV/AIDS, hemophilia, and immune related diseases. The Brett Torino In-Patient Classroom’s home is on the 5th floor pediatric oncology unit at Sunrise Children’s Hospital. Its creation is designed to help critically ill children keep up on their schoolwork during the treatment and recovery from their illness, the classroom is a full-time, five-day-per-week elementary and secondary classroom for PreK-12 grade students who are patients.

Several years ago, the NCCF initiated research, which discovered that education stood out significantly among primary factors, such as family life and finances, that most impact a child’s quality of life during treatment.  Named for its donor, The Brett Torino Foundation Education Services Program provides normalcy and empowerment for children whose lives have been changed due to a critical illness.

The Brett Torino Classroom is housed on the Pediatric Oncology floor of Sunrise Children’s Hospital, the classroom is an educational services program created and facilitated by the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation (NCCF).  The curriculum, which is coordinated with the daily curricula of the Clark County School District, is individually based and focuses on student’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

The classroom is a 340-square-foot educational facility equipped with school supplies, I-Pads, computers, a DVD player, wall screen and state-of-the-art education tools. It is the only classroom in the nation that is managed and staffed by a non-profit organization.