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The Brett Torino Foundation Education Services, a program of Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation,has developed a number of education services designed to meet the educational needs of every child diagnosed with a life-threatening or chronic illness in Southern Nevada. The program provides a way for chronically-ill children to continue their education while receiving treatment and return to school with equal opportunity and any necessary accommodations required by law to aid them in the pursuit of their educational and life-long goals.

Named after its donor, the programs and services include the Brett Torino In-Patient Classroom, located at Sunrise Children’s Hospital, tutoring, advocacy, and transition. Through these programs, our licensed professional staff members work to ensure that each child is given the opportunity and the appropriate supports to experience success in their education.

How We Help:

NCCF will:

  • Provide direct instruction in The Brett Torino In-Patient Classroom, through the service of our two Nevada licensed education professionals, for students receiving in-patient treatment at Sunrise Children’s Hospital.
  • Offer tutoring at several locations throughout the Las Vegas valley, including The Brett Torino In-Patient Classroom and at local libraries for students in need of supplementary instruction.
  • Attend school meetings to provide teachers and administrative staff with the facts on diagnosis and treatment and ensure effective accommodations and interventions are implemented and adhered to.
  • Support students as they re-enter the school setting, such as performing a puppet show designed to educate their peers and teachers on the facts of diagnosis and treatment, and the importance of embracing differences and anti-bullying.

Process to Receive Education Support Services:

First, clients will receive an initial psychosocial assessment with an NCCF licensed social worker, to identify the child’s and family’s needs related to diagnosis, including financial and clinical support. At this time families are asked to bring the clients most recent report card, Parentlink information, and, if applicable, a copy of the client’s transcript, 504 plan, and /or IEP to the meeting.

All educational needs identified during the assessment will be handed over to the Director of Education through an internal referral. Upon the review of the referral and assessment, the Director of Education will complete a follow up call with the family and provide an educational strategy designed to meet the educational needs of the student and family. The educational strategy may include the implementation of accommodations through a 504 plan or IEP, tutoring, and/or neuropsychological testing.

After suggested recommendations have been provided, parents may be required to schedule a meeting with their child’s school to address the needs of their child and the parents’ concerns related to the successful transition to the school setting and/or effective classroom instruction. Our Director of Education will attend such meetings and provide advocacy, including a letter from the primary medical specialist and handouts related to the child’s diagnosis and treatment, and results, if completed, of neuropsychological testing to share with school staff.

There are two ways to receive an assessment and begin education services for your child:

  • Speak with your medical team, including the student’s primary oncologist or medical specialist, nurse, or hospital social worker and request a referral.
  • Call our office (702.735.8434) and speak with one of our members, who will direct you in the completion of a referral.

These education services are made possible by the long-standing support of The Brett Torino Foundation. NCCF also is thankful to tutors provided by the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

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